about the firm

Globalization and international cooperation exert an impact on entrepreneurs worldwide. A
multitude of them that conduct business activities in Poland generally state that in terms of
business contacts and trading negotiations in which the principal factor is that of great
financial gain, apart from a perfect knowledge of the Polish language, it is equally significant
to be familiar with the Polish mentality of the partner in question, as well as the specifics of
this country (cultural and communicative differences).

Having had more than ten years’ experience in terms of providing advisory services to foreign
companies operating in Poland, we build and support business ties, while also negotiating the
conditions of agreements and contracts for our partnering companies from abroad. Likewise,
we also develop a network of contacts and professional mediation and advisory services in
Polish-foreign trading relations. All of the aforesaid elements open up new opportunities for
our clients and create valuable capital for their companies.

By entrusting us with your business interests, your company may count on our professional
support in trading and economic advisory services in which great sums of money come into
play. Indeed, our company guarantees a perfect knowledge of the nature of Polish partnering
companies, as well as the realities of practical business. In addition, we offer competent aid in
the sphere of communication with new partners at a business and communication level.

Yours faithfully,
AS – Consulting